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Additional Sections:

Mind Trends. Ideas that shaped the world.

Thoughts from the Author of this Page.

This section is a compilation of expert analysis and revelation not heard in mainstream media. Expert analysis of events and policies that shaped the world as we know now.

As you delve into these discussions and unique perspectives, you cannot ignore the fact that with each piece of information unfolds a much greater revelation that runs from a single consistent thread of age-old sinister plot to maintain the status of the few by eradicating  the many and reducing them to a number that’s easy to control.

This is the hidden theme that runs in every facet of our existence. But, do not let me tell you this. Find out for yourself. And when these truths are revealed to you, don’t let it stop with you. Share it with as many people as you can so they too will become aware of what is shaping their lives and what can be  expected in their future.

But, don’t lose heart. Not everything that is happening are all negative. People are starting to wake up on their own volition seeking for the truth and doing their own due diligence  to uncover and understand what is being intentionally withheld from them and why. It can no longer be denied that the call for truth is universal and happening more on a planetary level. Like an orchestrated call from a higher intelligence that can be likened to a divine blueprint that has reached the moment where this divine directive was activated and have therefore set off an irreversible chain of events that led and will continue to lead the collective to higher consciousness and every being, every person in the planet  will be affected by this .

All the exposure and discovery of engineered manipulation instigated upon humanity are just a by product of this Mass Collective Awakening  of humanity, where a previous covert and deceptive initiative and manipulations that used to work like clock work,  can no longer and will no longer work on those who have already woken up.  Thus, we are seeing a conflict of  ideologies, from those who got so used to handing down their agendas to be instituted to the common folks, to the masses without resistance, now being actively pushed back by those already in the know that these agendas do not serve the interests of humanity at all. Humanity is in a cusp of a grand awakening and many all over the planet are leading the way.  There is no more stopping to this. The great revolution of consciousness have already started. And the decree of this revolution came, not from the whims of self-appointed rulers of humanity, but from a divine decree of the one whose authority encompass the whole of the cosmic universe. Whosoever in this plane of physical reality who would try to use their human and artificial might to try to subvert, derail, challenge, hold back this directive are just wasting their time, energy and resources.

In the times ahead expect to see a lot of changes. Painful, mind boggling, ecological, geographical, as well as geopolitical, economic, social and personal changes not before seen played out in perfect symmetry and symphony by this generation of humans on Earth. These are the birth pains of the new coming of age, as the old ways of things can no longer continue to hold the reality of corruption, manipulation, competition, suppression and oppression of the many for the benefit of only the few. The birth pains of the coming of new era will be the grand equalizer of all things, of all people,  in all areas of our societies that control our way of life, in all facets of every belief systems and structures that control and rule this planet. And yes, the highest places will be brought down, and the lowest will be brought up in a level that all will discover and will be dismayed that we all stand in the same level ground. And the illusion that one man is ahead of the others, and the others are beneath certain men, are all just an illusion, acted upon by egos created by man to play out the fabric that holds the old system of thought, old system of reality . Man will discover that his humanness is no different from his neighbor, that his material accumulation, his hierarchy in the power structure, will not separate him from his humanness nor protect him from his mortality. His old conduct toward his fellowmen will come to haunt him as the structures that hold his reality upright will come tumbling down. In those times there will be no rich nor poor. There will only be one humanity trying to save it’s own species to survive the passage to the new era.

Man is an expert of creating, espousing and promoting his own ideologies. Man thought that if he can think therefore he is. He became a master of ideologies and throughout millennia  this has become his mantra. The worst of them that succeeded in elevating himself against all the others have became the most revered system of thought. And as man sojourn through time  millions of them have been created in the same thread of supremacy against others and that have shaped and ruled the planet to the point where it is now. What man has not mastered through all this time  is learning and discovering the truth that he carries along within himself. That there is a purpose to his humanness. That being such is the key that will lead him to the very core why he is here, in this earth plane, in the first place.

Throughout time, man believed that power, wealth and authority are the ultimate laurels that he can adorn his shoulders and revered accolades that he can display in his breastplate. So man went out to seek power, wealth and authority over other men. Such is far from the truth. For those who seek these are in the lowest rank of spiritual evolution. For in truth, those who seek power over others are so lacking in their own  inner spark that they need to shore up might over others in the material and in authoritative ways to satisfy that inner void. For if man knows the truth that he is a spiritual being, he will not seek these things for he does not need these things  to elevate himself, for deep within him, he already knows he is far beyond the need for elevation against others.

To be continued…



From a place not yet known to man.