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Anomalies in Timelines

By Crystal M

Isn’t it the general train of thought that when some people demonstrated anomaly in their experience of certain events that bordered on otherworldly, they are either branded as crazy or disinformation agents if they come out to share their experience to the public? You cannot discount every anomaly that’s out there just because you have not experienced them yourself or you thought you have not experienced such a thing. It depends on how much screens your conscious mind is able to cover up those type of experiences so you wouldn’t even notice.

I have my own experience of timeline shifts. The most vivid one that I cannot shake was when I was around 5 to 6 years old. And the rest happened intermittently throughout my adulthood. The event was a grand one of the last blood moon in the 1960s. I saw the bloody red blood moon hanging so low in the night sky. The whole family saw it too, was talking about it and I can feel their anxiety about it because of what it might bring and at that time there were unrests in other parts of the world and the ancestral house where we lived then was at the very far edge of the city that’s a back door to the open sea and our town was in constant attack from pirates. It’s weird but I sort of have a photographic memory of my childhood and of  important events that I witness throughout my life stick very vividly.

Fast forward to the future, I brought the subject up again, but no one in my family, the same family members who were with me in that blood moon timeline, remembered ever experiencing that event, even just recalling a bit of it. After drilling them for quite a bit, and getting the same negative answers, I did my own research. And what I discovered was quite a bit shocking to me. In this timeline where we are in now, provided we maintained the same timeline, which, I am sure we haven’t, or at least I haven’t, it would place me at a very tender age of just 1 year and 9 months old. I don’t believe at that age I would be conscious enough to record in my memory the events of the blood moon of the 1960s. So there is a great disparity. The blood moon events I personally experienced was when I was around 5 to 6 years old. But, the recorded history of this timeline would make me only one year and 9 months old. How does one reconcile that to a normal conventional way of thinking?

And there are many other instances in this timeline anomalies that I have experienced throughout my life. Like Mandela have died many  times already. He died in the 80’s, he died in the 90’s, in the early 2000’s and now just very recently in 2013. And it’s not limited to Mandela. And there are many other personalities, well known people, who have  died many times. And then there was this TV personality who was pregnant with child and delivered a boy some 10 years ago. I saw her pregnant with my own two eyes on a regular TV news programming and which later that media outlet mentioned she delivered a baby boy. However,  in this timeline where we are now, where I am now, she doesn’t have any children  nor have conceived any. So, how do you explain that in a normal conventional thinking There is more happening than we know? All I can say in response to a scientist, Mr. Burisch, who worked with the Looking Glass US government project and who have seen through two timelines  is that if he’s still wondering if we already shifted from timeline one to timeline 2, my experience tells me that we had since the 60’s and most likely earlier than that. And I suspect that there aren’t only two timelines like he mentioned. There are many others. And it is my belief based on my experience that we might be jumping timelines all the time only we weren’t so aware that we are doing that. But once your consciousness expand just like what occurs in an awakening and you pierce through the screens of the conscious mind, you are able to notice the difference and the markers from one timeline to the other.
And since becoming aware that this is happening, well at least to me, I deliberately put it to the test. There was an event  that involved a family member that was so dear to me. I experienced the event but they haven’t yet and it was not so favorable one for my loved one. So, what I did I intentionally shifted the timeline to the one that’s favorable to everyone. I did not mentioned that other experience of another timeline to my relative nor to anyone and kept it to myself. The concept is, if you do not like the outcome of that experience then ignore that that  timeline happened and consciously call for another one that’s favorable to everyone. That was the line of thought going through my mind as I was putting it into experimentation and practice. And what do you know, the timeline changed to a favorable one and this time with a conscious effort.

What I believe is happening is that, the reality that we know  is a hologram and many scientists and physicists talked about this and attempted to prove it on their research. And I would surmise that each one of us, or some of us if not all, are interfaces of our own reality that make up the holographic reality of the whole. As I am writing this, I am aware of myself in this body and the world outside me, but, does the outside as I perceive it really exists or are they just a product of my reality interface? I have so many times in my life experienced many moments like this when time just froze in a stand still and everything is quiet and a realization came to me in that moment that ‘it’s just me who is here. Everything and everyone that’s in my reality are just playing a role according to what that interface has encoded’. It was a weird experience but it passed through my consciousness and was very  real. It happened when I was in my childhood, but didn’t quite understand it nor had the inkling to analyse it as I was just a child. And it happened when I was a young adult and in my adulthood.  As if someone is trying to tell me or I am trying to tell myself, this reality you thought you are in is just a projection of your mind’s interface. I don’t know how many people have experienced this, but I am sure I am not the only one who had noticed this.

Well, here’s an interesting theory on what I think is happening after 2012. The remote viewer Maj. Ed Dames sometime in the late part of 2013 said that in his latest view of the future, he couldn’t see past 2013 and that has alarmed him and his associates in the RV community. Ed Dames had an almost 100% track record of his remote viewing work. I was aware of that interview with Coast to Coast George Noory,  because I listened to it and it was around the time that Comet Ison was already travelling in our Galaxy and have circled our sun and coming our way. What happened to Comet Ison by the way? It just disappeared from our consciousness, didn’t it? Did we jump timelines again to avoid it? It is my belief that we do every time. And I consciously do that every now and then. Now, going back to Maj. Ed Dames, and my theory why he couldn’t see past 2013.  To be continued…

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