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There are many avenues to build wealth if one knows where to find it. This portal explore what is already available and accessible in the virtual world of internet, of inner self, and elsewhere.  Though, the main focus of our site is to promote new and higher consciousness, economic equality for every living being on this planet, and  expose the truth of our natural divine inheritance, which is by far the greatest testament of true wealth and freedom when one realizes it, we are completely aware also that the old systems have not yet totally collapsed are still influencing our day-to-day existence.

As it is observed, when you are born into this world, the set rules are already in place even before you arrived. And if one is to survive and thrive, one must learn the rules of the game to play the game. And yes, that is the old thinking and old paradigm. That paradigm is shifting now, but, the shift is not yet complete and we are in transition. We don’t know for how long. It may take years for some areas in the world and decades in others. Or a hundred years more in places deeply rooted in the old mentality of suppression and oppression. If you recognize it, these different states of existence are clear demonstration that we live in a multi-universe with different levels of reality. If you are just waking up to this new discovery, then this could be a eureka moment for you.

We have observed also that it is naturally inherent to our species to look for better ways of existence. To thrive and develop into our highest potential. We all find this need expressed in all beings including animals. And if all immediate in our surroundings fail us, we, consciously or unconsciously, express this through migration. That is why the rule of enforcing limitation of movement that this world at this time  follows is the most unnatural thing to the Spirit that only wants to explore and find the right place to use and apply its gifts. We recognize the importance of the living Spirit to move around to find a better place that can and will support what it has in mind of the kind of existence it wants to have and experience. Maybe, a third of the world have found this and are able to live it, but, most are still trapped under the rules of the old paradigm.

The old paradigm are systems put in place thousands of years ago and are still deeply embedded in some of the systems we have and live today. But, since more and more souls are becoming aware and  starting to waking up to the true oppressive nature of these systems, they are beginning to realize that rather than assisting us to be better and conscionable people, it is instead impeding our growth as a true sovereign being of the Spirit. These impediments, we have identified, as the worst kind of control placed upon the Spirit is the economic imbalances forced on most of the population of this planet. And we find this as the gravest offense against the Divine Spirit present in all living beings. Therefore, we seek to put an end to this by becoming conscious ourselves and trying to wake up as many souls as we can reach. I hope you too will join in the movement and will do the same. As you become conscious, others will too, as we affect all other living consciousness in this planet.

We will continuously seek economic equality and furtherance of our freedom from manipulation and control.Freedom from those who for centuries have been lording over our ancestors and now us. For in truth, we are sovereign beings of the Spirit. We are the living vessel of the One that is All and no other person has the right to lord over us, unless, we unwittingly hand it to them willingly. And as we wake up to this truth, we can recall all our powers back that we so unwittingly surrendered or being tricked upon to surrender. And with our full awareness, we can cancel all previous contracts we unknowingly had with anyone, or with any institution. We can decree this cancellation of old contracts right now, or at the moment that we discovered this truth, this revelation. If you are reading this page, do so NOW by declaring to yourself ‘You Are Free’ and you forfeit any rights of others in this physical plane and all other planes unseen, to rule over you, except, God the Almighty who is with you always. For it is true, the Kingdom of Heaven is within. And those who will seek it will find it. This is the True Wealth that no men can take away from you once you know and accept it’s truth and existence. And now you are ready to go on a journey discover how to translate and manifest that wealth within you into this reality, your reality. God Bless! Namaste.


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